Up-Coming Events
Children's Reading Club:  
Book Club: Thursday 07.09.15 Starting at 5 pm
Children are welcome to attend our free reading club.  Children between the
ages of 1 to 5 are invited.  Story time starts at 11:00 am.  Parents are welcome to
join or browse our store.   The story will be read by older children to younger
children.  If your child is interested in reading, please let us know by calling
706-657-3144 so we are able to schedule a date.

Saturday, July 11: This week our guest reader is Noah Hudson, a 9 year old who
loves to read to others.  We will be reading "The Hungry Caterpillar".  

Saturday, July 18:  This week our guest reader is Misty Hudson.  Book has yet to
be determined.  You may give suggestions by e-mailing us at
Are you interested in joining a book club?  We will be starting one that will meet
the second Thursday of each month.  Please stop by our store on Thursday July 9
for more details.  We are open to suggestions, ideas and topics.
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